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    (read below to learn why this is critical to the life and efficiency of your system)
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The purpose of performing preventative maintenance inspections is to find potential problems and ensure peak efficiency.  This increases the life of your system and saves you money in the long run.

Does an inspection guarantee you will have no problems?  Yes and no.  Most potential issues will give off early warnings, allowing them to be resolved by our technicians before they cause any real harm to your system.  However, there are certain complications that give no indications prior to failure.  We always do our best and use the latest methods when inspecting your system.  If a problem occurs within 30 days after your preventative inspection, the cost of your original tuneup will be subtracted from the repair.

A few simple adjustments can improve the efficiency and life of your A/C, saving your money.

Refrigerant charge is also critical to thoroughly check.  According to APS testing, having the correct refrigerant charge and airflow through the indoor coil can save you as much as 31% on your annual energy bill.  Field studies have also shown that between 60-80% of all tested units have an inadequate refrigerant charge, plus it’s common to find the systems are undercharged by 10-30%.  You can go for years unaware that your system is low on refrigerant unless your system is regularly serviced by a qualified technician.  Make sure to ask your trusted service technician if they’re using the superheat/subcooling method to properly check refrigerant levels.

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